Senin, 25 Oktober 2010

Mr. Confidence Bow Tie

ROCKinc Indonesia
Bow Tie

This tie wear by the confidence and daring personality
A guy who know what he want for his style

Being in center stage and centre of attention
is his daily routine

wear by the brave
admired by a man
loved by women

limited edition

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Mazee 6th floor - fX lifestyle x'enter Senayan

The Brown checker
The Yellow mustard

The Blue Checker

Dotted in Red, Blue and Pink

Dotted in pop art chicken

Batik and Jeans
Sogan batik combined with blue jeans

Checker and Jeans
Checker patter fabric combined with blue jeans


The Yogyakarta
Lurik fabric combined with tshirt fabric

The Pekalongan
Pekalongan Batik and T-shirt fabric

Mr. Chic - inspired by @pukarta
Available in Blue, Green and Orange

The blue batik combined with blue jeans

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